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Health & Safety services for Covid-19


Wash Hand. Keep washing your hand regularly.

Cover face. Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces.

Make space. Stay at least 2 meters apart – or 1 meter with a face covering or other precautions.

In these troubling times it is vitally important the that businesses are prepared for the challenges of opening safely. With the frequent change of advise it may seem like you are navigating a minefield of complex laws and guidelines. It is essential that these laws and guidelines are followed to avoid substantial fines.

Listed below are some areas to consider. The list offers only guidance. Businesses should investigate what is required for their specific business models. For the latest Government information visit

Considerations for businesses:

  1. Carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment

  2. Protect people who are at higher risk

  3. Identify people who need to self-isolate

  4. What arrangements need to be in place for staff coming to work and leaving work

  5. Consider how staff and visitors move around the building

  6. Decide what is required for workplaces and workstations (e.g., tills etc.) to insure social distancing and cleaning process

  7. Manage contacts by working out how many people can be accommodated within the business

  8. Decide on how you will Keep the workplace clean

  9. Provide handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets

  10. Decide what precautions to put in place for handling goods, merchandise and other materials

  11. Identify appropriate PPE requirements and supply it to staff

  12. If possible vary shift patterns and separate working groups

  13. Identify how work related travel can maintain social distancing and hygiene

  14. Provide communication processes and training

  15. Ensure that employees are fit to return to work

  16. Ensure that welfare provisions such as clean toilets and first aid are available

  17. RIDDOR reporting of Covid-19 where exposure is due to the work environment

  18. If the business has been closed for a long period of time check gas and electric appliances

  19. Run/flush water systems to remove stagnant water to reduce the risk of Legionella

  20. Visit for the latest information


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